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PT-PAL-Pro is used with your physical, occupational and/or speech therapist(s), or any clinician/doctor that is giving paper instructions or survey instruments to the patient, including; Cardiac Rehab, Brain Injury, Women's Health, IVF, OB and Wound Care.
PT-PAL-Pro lets your clinician retire paper instructions and surveys and send your medical instructions, tasks, exercises and activities directly to your phone.


Profile management
Two-factor authentication
Clinician driven registration
Apple CareKit integration
Apple HealthKit integration
Apple ResearchKit integration
API integrations
Accelerometer Data flow
Calendar Integration
Push Notifications

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Connect with the clinician

PT-PAL-Pro lets your clinician retire paper instructions and surveys and send your medical instructions, tasks, exercises and activities directly to your phone. Pt Pal leverages CareKit, ResearchKit and HealthKit frameworks for surveys,task management and integration with other apps and devices.


Healthcare activities and surveys

Allows clinicians to send care tasks, education, exercises and surveys to monitor and track progress and provide active intervention.Healthcare Surveys include:
- Patient Reported Outcomes surveys
- Journals
- Logs, e.g. Food, Fluid, Wounds, Sleep, Brain Injury recovery process, etc.


Complex healthcare interventions

Allows clinicians to send patients information in various formats. Pt Pal includes multiple tools for patients such as noise distractions while doing an exercise for tracking focus.

Written descriptions of self-care and caregiver information as well as ability to record video with your clinician for playback. See your completion data in the app as you progress with your care tasks. Pt Pal has the whole care team and their information on Pt Pal.

Communicate with your clinician and receive messages about your care.

Caregivers include support partners in your care. Allow the support partner to see your progress, care tasks and help with your care. Support partners can receive their own care information, integral for their self-care and enabling them to care for another. Pt Pal also lets family members view activity remotely.
Pt Pal allows patients to sign a consent agreement through the app using their signature. Pt Pal monitors recovery, progress, wellness with medication reminders, appointments, and healthcare information critical to successful recovery.

Key Take Away


Staying connected on multiple media is real-world problem that is seldom recognized as a performance dampening issue and has never been addressed properly. With a score of several off-the-shelf pre-built products in the market that fetch a steep price but fail to bring all moving parts under one umbrella, O2SOFT set out to address the challenges and created a state of the art product that helped address the productivity issue plaguing almost every organization on the planet.


Keeping it simple and intuitive while not compromising on the design aesthetics was a challenge in itself but O2SOFT managed to bypass this by finding the optimal balance between the two. Extensive research and testing were conducted to keep the code lean and clean so as to optimize performance without sacrificing the productivity. The goal of a unified system to sync data across devices was achieved providing one-window operation to connect all your devices.




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