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KIPS LMS is a 360 degrees education capture platform that is 100% online and fully customized to meet the demands of a premium education provider of 21st century.

Amongst the host of features, the LMS offers a robust education management platform that is accessible by registered students and teachers from anywhere in the world, over any device.


Profile management
Two-factor authentication
Personalized education plan for each profile
Evaluation, scoring and leaderboard
Quizzes and Online tests
Comprehensive Feedback and Student support
Syllabus and Practice material
Online Video Repository Access
Online Payment
Calendar integration
Push Notifications

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Learn at your own pace

The platform provides registered students access to goal-based preparation and testing mechanisms that are scored automatically providing immediate feedback to the student. The students can set their schedule and the LMS will synchronize the test schedule with the KIPS daily learning routine.


Test Scoring, Leaderboard, and Progress Tracking

The LMS is powerful enough to score tests automatically and provide immediate feedback to the students to match their answers once the tests are scored. The LMS maintains a leaderboard of 20 leading scores that are viewable by every candidate for a programme. The students can track their progress in real time through system generated charts.


Comprehensive Preparation Material

The LMS hosts over 100k video lectures on various principles, over 200k e-books and reading material, and over 10k preparation questions. Registered students are granted unlimited access to the database until the test date.

Direct access to teachers

Students facing growing pains or academic roadblocks can query teachers directly for issues that they are unable to solve independently and avail a more guided model of education.

Key Take Away


Registered students have unlimited access to over 100k video lectures, 200k e-books and reading material, and a robust bank of 10k preparation questions curated by experienced educators.


Students learn at their own pace. The schedule they set on day one aligns the learning roadmap provided by KIPS, adjusting the daily goals within the number of days allocated by the student. This allows the students to granularly plan their testing schedule ahead of time.


The LMS allows for thorough online testing, buffing up weak areas through personalised quizzes, and keeps the students on top of their actual academic growth through immediate test results, system generated charts and a leaderboard.


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