Augmenting your business operations digitally for 360 Degrees customer capture

Streamline a business process, map preferences and trends, and get control over your operations by implementing digital ../assets that drive revenue, provide insights, and help develop 1:1 relationship with your customers.

We are well-organized

Our cross-functional teams take you through our full range of software development services via a guided tour and help you select what works best for you. Our Business and Technical Analysts assist you select for your business model the optimum technology combination. Our Account Managers are permitted to quickly align organisational resources with you and to compile and exchange information with all stakeholders involved. The information you need will constantly be flowing to you in the manner you require.

How do we work? Our tech stack

Discovery Meetings

Our Business analysts are encouraged to give you a premium experience, irrespective of your commitment to us. This enables them to flow between customer-side PoCs and internal teams to obtain the correct information to address the requirements on a micro level.


2 weeks


Scope of Work Document

Resources Involved

Business Analyst, Sales Manager/Account Manager, Project Manager



We will thoroughly request and clarify requirements, draw up and distribute a job document and will only move on when all of the participants have expressed their approval to avoid a backlash. Our design team will next take over the creation of artefacts that will help you decide in a more informed manner.


1 -3 weeks


Wireframes, Workflows, Solution Design, Estimated Effort (timeline) and Financial Investment, and Project Team.

Resources Involved

Business Analyst, Sales Manager/Account Manager, Project Manager



We are skilled in both Agile and Waterfall delivery techniques. Using the SOW documentation as a reference, we will either deliver in 2-week sprints or begin a Waterfall-style modular construction. Our DevOps teams will collaborate closely with the Production teams to ensure that there is little possibility of collapse and last-minute rework.


10 – 12 weeks


Working Product

Resources Involved

Full-Stack Leads, Front- and Back-end resources, QA teams

Our Experience

We have created over 20 innovative software solutions that address real market issues. Our solutions have a very short time-to-market, and our clients are assured cost reductions if we have already built the functionality previously. We have a massive private repository on GitHub that is growing by the day.

Our integrated solution provides a seamless experience for both the patients and clients to connect remotely, record dermatological conditions through a patent hardware product, and receive dX and prescription through the app. The backend keeps track of each patient through a unique profile, is enabled to provide custom reporting, and maintains scheduling, audio/video sessions, chats, patient history under HIPAA compliance and so on.

Our solution solves a critical distribution issue for the client – inventory management – but the vendor and customer modules are also integrated into it along with BI reporting and fleet management while providing smart reminders on mission critical operations. Reorder limit, Reorder Size, GRN, GDN, Invoicing for clients and vendors, auto-order mapping with inventory, and so on.

Our solutions range from automation of SPED process, to online academies, to campus management software. We frequently deploy our Education solution to AWS to ensure there is no downtime as these solutions benefit the most from auto-scaling.

Tech Stack

A high-end, low-maintenance, and very dependable solution is anticipated from a premium software development company in the UK market. We exclusively provide native mobile app development services for enterprise-level projects to ensure that the build is strong, high-performance, scalable, and adaptable. For web application development, we employ a variety of methods and rely on BI reporting.

Web Frontend Development
swift HTML 5
fastlane CSS 3
xctests JavaScript
xcode React Js
xcode Angular
iOS app development
swift Swift
fastlane Fastlane
xcode React Native
xctests XCTests
xcode Xcode
Android app development
kotlin Kotlin
java Java
xcode React Native
espresso Espresso
android-studio Android Studio
Backend development
rails NodeJs
node .Net Core
node Ruby on Reils
firebase Firebase
rails MySql
node Mongo DB
node PostgreSql
aws AWS
google Google Cloud
travis Digital Ocean
jenkins Azure
jenkins On Prem
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